TBT – Fashion (David Bowie), Culinary Style

Fashion, turn to the Left. Fashion, turn to the right.  Such a great song. Huge fan of 80’s music.

I am also a self-proclaimed fashion disaster. Most of my ensembles have the fashion police looking to arrest me, lock me up & throw away the key.  Maybe even throw in a touch of water-boarding for good measure. Although I would never ever wear jeans with a jean jacket. Even I know that much! Clothes never fit me right and I just can’t seem to care all that much. What preferences I do have are a tad eclectic, ranging from Wonder Woman underroos in kindergarten to pink plastic Converse Chuck Taylors in college and Vineyard Vines present day.  And yes, I will wear VV or Lily Pulitzer with Converse Chuck Taylors.  Despite my enthusiastic lack of effort, I managed to amass a pretty nice (if not slightly dated) corporate career wardrobe, a mix of J Crew and Boden with a little Loft, Banana Republic and Ann Taylor thrown in. Shoes from Nordstrom, of course.

Now I wear these

Kitchen Pants

Kitchen Pants

chef coat

Chef Coat

kitchen crocs

Kitchen Crocs

And I wear them at least five days per week between work, school and stages.  Awesome, right?  You feel “professional” for a couple days, then you feel like you look like everyone around you and realize that everyone looks a tad…frumpy. Not super flattering.  But, until you’re out of school and in a “real” kitchen these are the culinary student standards.  Besides, it’s already put together for you, easy for a fashion senseless person like myself. Would be great if Vineyard Vines could make some kitchen clothes.  I would so rock little whale chef pants. VV whaleUntil such day happens I will make do with what I’m told to wear, paired with blue/white/pink polka dot socks.

On a more serious note, I have noticed that people treat me very differently on the T if I’m in my kitchen clothes versus business attire. Not cool at all.  Food industry folk work HARD and they handle your FOOD.  I could care less how I’m treated on the T as long as you don’t try to talk to me/touch me/look at me, but show a little respect.  Now, go back and watch that David Bowie video again, it’s that good.

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