Just for Fun Friday – Twitter

Good Morning, Happy Spring & TGIF!

I’m planning/hoping to post something each Friday that I find fun, that makes me happy, that I’d like to share.  For the inaugural Just For Fun Friday… Twitter!

twitter logo

I love “the Twitter”. It’s short, sweet & to the point. Very little (personal) drama and if you want more you can click the link, click the photo, etc. If you don’t want more, don’t click. I’m not on Facebook (hated it), still trying to fully understand Instagram and have very little idea what Snapchat is. “The kids” seem to like it.

Not surprisingly, a good majority of my 511 Following are pastry chefs, bakers, restaurants, cafes or otherwise somehow food related.  I find a ton of inspiration, ideas, resources, new places to try, tidbits about the Boston food scene and support on Twitter. It has been my experience that people in the food industry are remarkably open to questions and so very generous with sharing their time and knowledge. Here’s a sampling of my food related favorites:

@jbchang – Joanne Chang, owner of Flour Bakery + Cafe, Myers & Chang. My hero in all things food & business related.

@EaterBoston – All things food in Boston.

@keithcbrooks – Baker at Flour Bakery + Cafe. Terribly funny guy, fabulous baker & patient with answering my stupid questions.

@mylifewithfood – The CSCA alum, graphic designer to baker, beautiful blog, fun to follow

@TheDrewStarr – Boston-based, self described “A guy who likes food and things”

@Sandy_Warner_ – Avid Baker (no idea how she does it all!), alpaca owner, contagious upbeat attitude, great photos

@PastryChefTracy – Pastry Chef @ North End Grill in NYC. Her work is beautiful. Can’t wait to get to NYC to sample her desserts. Tons of inspiration here.

@brooklynbaker – Baked NYC. Love their cookbooks. Simple yet delicious is their style and mine.

There are so many more!  Too many to list, but if you’re not following these fabulous Tweeters, you should!

baked with cakes eater boston flour logo

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