TBT – American Pie (Don McLean), Old School Pie

Today’s post goes way back.  Not as far back as 1972 when American Pie was released, but back to the 1990’s when I was in high school and college.  We always had some sort of background noise in my house, if the TV wasn’t on in the kitchen the radio was.  It was usually tuned to classic rock, my parents music of choice until my mom lost her mind and started listening to show tunes (bad) and country music (worse).  Music has a big place in my extended family, we’ve got a few musicians, but more than that it’s a constant soundtrack to our lives and a big part of our identity, regardless of our genre of choice.  When thinking about a Throw Back Thursday “pie” song  this was the first one that came to mind.  Enjoy!

While most high school and college students were gathering together and partying the night before Thanksgiving, I was baking pies.  This was WAY before food and cooking was a “thing”; there wasn’t much other than Bon Appetite and a few PBS cooking shows. I wasn’t one of those kid cooking prodigies you see today, not raised on sushi, artisan bread and at restaurants once a week, hence my pies were very simple. The recipes came from my mom, the local newspaper or the back of ingredient packaging (chocolate chips, flour, sugar, etc.).  These two I made almost every year until I graduated and got married.  They’re still two of my favorites and easy enough for a quick weeknight or lazy weekend dessert.

Click below to go to full recipe

Toll House Pie

Swedish Apple Pie


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