Just for Fun Friday – Books Glorious Books

Image result for dr seuss quote about readingSomeone once described me as a prolific reader.  Although I have not had any time to read books other than cookbooks in the last four months, I would mostly agree with that statement.  I love to read, always have.  In elementary school I had worked my way through all the reading series way ahead of the class and treasured “rug” reading time more than recess.  I made my mom get me the Sweet Pickles series through the mail and was devastated when I could only choose one or two books at school book sales.  The Babysitters Club was my favorite middle school series and during my high school years I would skip school to stay home, lay in bed and read Stephen King novels.  I snuck Danielle Steele and V.C. Andrews from my mom’s closet.  Wow, those were an education.  I am passionate about reading and think it’s the most important thing for kids to learn and more importantly, learn to enjoy!  I buy all the children in my life piles and piles of books.  I relish spending time looking for just the right ones on Amazon or in the children’s department of Barnes & Nobles. When anyone asks for a book recommendation they are likely to get a very long list via email rather than just a suggestion or two.  Also a big fan of Goodreads, great way to keep track of all the hundreds of books I want to read and see what my fellow readers like/don’t like.  Some of my favorites…


Non Fiction



Beach Reads

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