TBT – School’s Out (Alice Cooper), Quiet Summer City

Going way back to 1978 and The Muppet Show for today’s Throwback Thursday.  All the good little boys and girls who attend the one of the many schools that comprise Boston’s elite fleet of educational institutions have gone home…or to the Cape…or the South of France…or are crewing a yacht somewhere off the coast of New England.  School is OUT ladies and gentlemen.  What does this mean for the year round denizens of Massachusetts? Endless opportunities, particularly when it comes to eating and drinking.

Want to eat at Sweet Cheeks or Eastern Standard in the Fenway? Pick a night the Red Sox aren’t playing, make a reservation or simply wait a few minutes at the bar.  The crowd is more subdue and the waitstaff a little less harried.  Enjoy!

How about a nice afternoon at the Thinking Cup, Pavement Coffeehouse, Render Coffee?  With a seat?  Done.  Of course there are some summer students, the unemployed and food industry workers on their day off but the endless stalking for a table?  Over.  Get it while it lasts!

How about a nice drink al fresco?  Way fewer bros and basics on the patios of Newbury, Boylston, Kendall Sq.  You still have your eager beaver 20-somethings but those of us in our 30’s and 40’s are out and about enjoying some air while our corporate bosses are vacationing with their kids that go to BU and it’s slower at out kitchen jobs.  More breathing room to partake in a cold shandy, or three.

Non-food & drink benefits?  YES.  Three words, ride the T.  It’s always awful, but a little bit less so with thousands of backpacks elsewhere for the next 2 and a half months.

One last tip – no Bruins or Celtics games and the North End festivals haven’t gotten started yet.  Perfect time to stop into the original Pizzeria Regina at 11 1/2  Thacher St.  A well done pizza and a cold pitcher of beer.

The kids are having a good time on their break, let’s relish our break from them!

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