TBT – Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne), Crazies in the Kitchen

Today’s Throwback Thursday post is one of my favorite Ozzy Osbourne songs which I would like to dedicate to all the bat shit crazy people that I’ve met working in kitchens. From the Bluewall Coffeehouse on the UMass Amherst Campus (1995 – 1999) to the fine dining establishments I’ve staged at in the last year. Many of them are the good kind of crazy; fun, outgoing, boisterous, passionate and just a little left of normal.  These are my people.  I love them as my own.  Then there’s the other kind of crazy.  The people who thrive on the informality and transient nature of kitchen work to bully, harass, gossip and hate their way through kitchens in and around Boston.  They elevate passive-aggressive to an art.  They love themselves above all others and have egos that would rival any NBA player.  They hoard knowledge and dole tidbits to favorites and Universal Picture-esque minions.  Unfortunately for the rest of us, these individuals are often times very talented and in positions of leadership. This is not to say there aren’t crazies in corporate, in fact one office job boss in particular was one of the few people I would characterize as a horrible human being, but the formalities of corporate culture tend to keep the worst of it at bay.  What to do?  Try to find the kitchen with a) the least amount of bad crazy or b) the kind of bad crazy you can deal with best.  Good luck to us all!

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