Just For Fun Friday – Trio of Summer Beers

summer beer

The above trio represents the best summer beers of 2015.  Hell Or High Watermelon and Del’s Shandy are two returning favorites while the Big Squeeze Shandy is a perfect addition to the line up.  Sold in cans so they’re great for the beach, boat, or pool patio.  Lower in alcohol content, light and refreshingly fruity (but not overly so) you can enjoy more than one without feeling full or in need of a nap.  The Hell or High Watermelon is the real craft beer of the three, reflected in it’s slightly higher price and richer flavor, it pairs very well with food, from cheese and fruit to grilled fish and vegetables.  The lighter shandies were made for picnic lunches or a post-beach, pre-dinner beer on the deck.  Liquor stores seem to share their product rotation schedules with drugstores so stock up now before they’re replaced by pumpkin beers and cranberry shandies.  We had difficulty locating the Del’s Shandy as early as mid-July last year.  Enjoy while they last!

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